Export dashboard report data to CSV, XLS or XLSX format

Hi HubSpot team,


When I tried to export data from Session Country report in Web Analytics Dashboard, I realized that data can be exported:

  • just in PDF, PPTX or ZIP format
  • just on dashboard level (it is not possible to export just one report)

I would like to be able to export data from any dashboard report (such as Session Country report) to CSV, XLS or XLSX for further analysis and visualisation in tools such as Excel, Power BI and Tableau.


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I found you can export a single report when you are in the Edit Report, however it would be helpful if I could set this up to be a repeated report (monthly / weekly / etc) as data but also as the visualization.


Further, the exports from Dashboard cut off any information that doesn’t fit within the allotted window for each report.

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This would be extremely helpful to us if hubspot could iuntegrate it rather than having to g through an external source to do it

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Yes this would be great. 

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Yes, most graphs are not presented well as images. We need to be able to take download data into spreadsheets more easily and on a recurring basis. I'm very surprised that this isn't an option for users. 

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Would love to be able to automate a weekly dashboard report (or Deals Pipeline report) via spreadsheet so we can see the full data vs having it cutoff and clicking through to HS to see the full report.