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Export dashboard report data to CSV, XLS or XLSX format

Hi HubSpot team,


When I tried to export data from Session Country report in Web Analytics Dashboard, I realized that data can be exported:

  • just in PDF, PPTX or ZIP format
  • just on dashboard level (it is not possible to export just one report)

I would like to be able to export data from any dashboard report (such as Session Country report) to CSV, XLS or XLSX for further analysis and visualisation in tools such as Excel, Power BI and Tableau.


Kind regards,


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johnelmer Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
Top Contributor | Diamond Partner

Excited to announce that our HubSpot Connector for Microsoft Power BI has exited beta successfully and is now available through the HubSpot Connect program. Here is a link to the directory listing.  

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I've been working on creating monthly analytics reports for our C-Suite and Leadership teams. I was able to work with a HubSpot account manager to create dashboards with the right mix of reports for things like web traffic, social interactions, blogging performance, etc. Unfortunately, when I go to export these reports the files come out rather disappointing and unattractive:

  1. Webpage and blog titles are truncated to where it's not clear what page is performing well.
  2. The graphics in any format (PPt, PDF, and ZIP) are delivered in a very poor quality
  3. It would be nice if we could customize the look and feel of the reports (fonts, colors, etc.)
  4. The hover feature over reports such as the Sessions by Source would be great to also include on the export (breaking down the data clearly by each source with hard numbers)

Overall, I feel that the Dashboard export needs a bit of redesign. It would be so convenient to create reports like this for various departments and leadership with easy to use export options with high-quality graphics customized in company color and fonts. My team likes the information in these reports, we just want a higher quality export to deliver to leadership, especially at the enterprise account level.

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This would be so simple to implement - PLEASE make reports downloadable as CSVs. 

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Exporting to CSV at least is imperative. The current export only captures the unscrolled versions. It is absolutely useless for sales reporting in meetings.

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Yes! This would be so so helpful! Please add this as an option!

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Agreed! Client are clammoring for simple numbers to be generated week by week, sent to sales, then reported to investors per community setup for Enterprise license. Visuals are great but they requested instant numbers get emailed to them week over week, month by month, etc. 


Going to see if there's a quick fix or 3rd party solution to achieve this goal on their behalf.


You could use our HubSpot to PowerBi Integration to get the automated scheduled reports you need.


Take a look.



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Thanks so much but we've offered other 3rd party options to client and because they're paying a LOT for Enterprise-level license, they feel as though it should be included and refuse to pay for another solution outside Hubspot, unfortunately.

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Would love to be able to schedule a recurring email on the reports I create to output a csv.  Use case - not everyone is in the CRM and uses excel for their departments - e.g. finance, etc.   

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