Export conversations

It would be benefitial to be able to export conversations to analysis efectivity and contact of my company with the clients.

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Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner

Yes, this is absolutely needed. We would want to be able to export live chat conversations into a spreadsheet and have that include important data like:

  • Date and time
  • Page they were on
  • Who was assigned the chat
  • Response time
  • Length of chat in time
  • Etc. 
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Definitely, we need to be able to create reports. We have offices on the East and Wests coast and to staff and allocate resources we need the data.  The data is there, we need to be able to extract it. We are hoping this is an easy change to implement. 

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It is crucial that we are able to download this data.  We may need to consider using an alternate live chat solution.

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This is basic functionality, another failure in proper investment in their service product

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Why is this still not done? It should be pretty simple to export conversations. Assignee, content, respond datetimes. Come on people.

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Requested for two years and still not available. Essential function.