Export all data from a form


The idea: To be able to export all data that is captured in a form, i.e. true/false responses on tick box questions. The data exists, but it is currently not possible to export from form submissions.


Who: For anyone who wants to fully analyse their form responses outside of only the text fields (as far as I'm aware - for example the form I'm looking at has free text for email), conversion date and conversion page.


Goal: The goal is to be able to fully analyse responses to any form in Hubspot.


Value: The value is that you won't have to wade through un-deduped individual submission responses to see who's ticked true/false or other segments of any form that don't currently pull through export.



A form has been set up incorrectly so that the consent box for one of our responses wasn't pulling into a subscription list. I updated this, but it doesn't backdate any previously captured data.


Because it's not currently possible to prevent users from submitting duplicate entries, and it's not possible to search the submissions after I've deduped their emails separately, I will have to open each individual submission to determine whether they have ticked this box against one question across appx 1500 submissions with more than 500 duplicates. What a waste of resource when the data is there.