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Export a single property's sub-values (e.g. dropdowns, checkboxes)

We've conducted an internal review of properties and one of the needs was to see the values in dropdowns/checkboxes, and the only way was to manually copy out the values. Would be useful to be able to export them instead.


Also do you need an idea category of "properties"? I can't find the best category for this idea.

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Hi everyone! 


@jeszhang and I were looking into this roadblock. As a workaround, we can add the property to a form as a form field. In the form field editor, we can then display all property values. Finally, we can copy and paste these values into an excel sheet or similar.  


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do so, hope this helps! 


This isnt resolved yet?!?!? help please


Upvoted, agreed. It would be great to have a button to export options as a csv. There's already options to paste in your own, and load from other properties. So this is the missing link!


Hey there 👋


I found an easy workaround, it's not very clean but it works !


  1. Create a new "Multiple Checkboxes" property (temporary)
  2. Load the options of this new property with the values of the property you want to extract the data from
  3. Add the newly created property to a new form (temporary)
  4. Publish the form and use the preview page
  5. Then select all the values of the checkbox property and paste that into your excel file 🎉
  6. Delete the checkbox property and the form

Hope this will help some of you.


Cheers !


Hi, our company would appreciate this function. It will save our time and nerves 🙂

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Agreed on this! If we could see properties sub-options and the number of values each has when exporting "all properties" it gives us as users better insights to this and a holistic view of our data