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Export a single property's sub-values (e.g. dropdowns, checkboxes)

We've conducted an internal review of properties and one of the needs was to see the values in dropdowns/checkboxes, and the only way was to manually copy out the values. Would be useful to be able to export them instead.


Also do you need an idea category of "properties"? I can't find the best category for this idea.

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Should be on the Product Team's radar absolutely.  I'm sure many Enterprise Level CRM Hubspoters probably would benefit. 


Yes! As an Enterprise CRM client we need to update our properties and it should be an easy export per property, rather than having a person manually type all of the options into excel. I'm surprised this isn't a feature yet. Please add it into the product roadmap.


Very much needed indeed.


Yes, please! I have custom fields at the company and contact level that I need to compare. I would prefer to export and do a v-lookup to quickly identify any inconsistencies instead of having to go one line at a time for 75 different options within these fields. Thanks! 


Yes please, i have custom fields with 150 different options and would definitely find this handy. Thanks! 


There absolutely should be a way to export the list of values on a property, especially to aid in comparing the property to another system when it is mapped.  I am surprised this doesn't already exist as a function.

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I agree this seems like a fairly simple/very useful functionality. For example, I'm trying to clean up the property names that we have listed for a property and there are over 200.  Trying to do this in the very small sidebar window that HubSpot offers is very difficult. It would be much simpler/more efficient to be able to export to csv so I can organize and sort to find duplicates, etc.


Dear Hubspot, 

I think most of your clients have special needs, right? 


I'm guessing they all use custom properties... And I guess a good portion of them have already created a dropdown with a list of options. 


I have a dropdown with a list of 150 options to copy out from hubspot to update my list with new options. THERE IS NO WORKAROUND!! 


And I don't realize how SLOW your CRM is when displaying the full list of options... 


I think this is a very easy feature and the frustration that could come out of not having this is huge.


Please please consider adding this feature


I agree with this idea! It would be very useful!

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Yes please!


I also need it!


Here is a good example: We're onboarding HubSpot and notice we need to breakdown some of the default properties for Company Industry (ie; Local Government, Sate Government, Federal Government). I want to provide a list of existing properties to my team so we can all comment/discuss. The only way for me to communicate what's on the list is to manually type it out..... I'm suprised this isn't an option on a mature product like HubSpot.


Absolutely needed. We have a property with 1282 fields, which we need to export regularly.


Hubspot Product Team, please have a look over here 👋


We're in desperate need of this. I need to clean a property with over 800 fields and going through them manually, one by one will take too much time. In the export, I would like to see:


  • The date a field was added
  • Number of value for each field (with value)

This is an important topic. I find it strange that there is no LOV reference data that can be exported.

I was told to manual copy and paste this from the screen.....not a resource-effective solution by any means

This is the first time I have come across this for a CRM system.


I am wanting to filter the referrers who haven't done a deal with us via workflow. But Hubspot only pull-out the referrers only done deals even though I have all the referrers set up in properties. It would be great If I can pull out or create a workflow to get this done.




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This is sorely needed!


However, there is a workaround. It's not pretty, but it is functional.


It will be so helpful to export the properties.


This is definitely needed.  I spent days going through support since I have a dropdown of over 1,000 options.  When exporting it doesn't export all of it, and it is all in one cell! There needs to be a way to export the dropdown options, especially when there's so many!


Hi I used the HubSpot api endpoint as a workaround, then cleaned up the response in excel using text to columns. use this endpoint/crm/v3/properties/{objectType}/{propertyName}. I was looking for the industry picklist values.