Export a list of contacts, while maintaining the order of properties

It would be a huge time saver to be able to export a list of contacts while keeping the properties in the order they appear on the list.


Currently we can export with specific properties, but they always re-order which costs time when going into the CSV to re-order the columns.

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SERIOUSLY. We have to submit forms to a company (DHL) in a very specific order. While being able to "consolidate" the submitters onto one form is great (a bump up from having to process them one by one), but having to rearrange 20+ columns for 20+ people every day is an absolute pain. Hoping to see this feature soon.

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This feature is very important to our company! Thank you to the HubSpot employee who has created this ticket, hopefully we will see this feature/bug addressed in the near future.

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Can't believe something as simple as this is not in the product. If anyone at Hubspot has ever worked with exported lists they'd know what we are talking about here.

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Agree. Order is essential for exported lists to be useable.

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Another obstacle is that when you add a new field to the very end (right) of the list - it appears to the far right in View, but as an Export it can show up as Column C!    


If you add a new field to the end of the report - it should appear in the export as the last column.



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No idea why Hubspot chooses it's own export column sort order when you specify it in the view. Voted up to hopefully have this bug fixed.