Export Workflow as Diagram Map or PDF

It would be amazing if Workflow maps could be exported in the same diagram view they exist, with the only exception being that it would fit to a page (or within specified dimensions). Even better if there was some way users could import them into Powerpoint or Keynote (or other tool), where the triggers and actions would be visible at mouseover. 


Another idea is to somehow integrate the workflow diagrams to LucidCharts, Vizio, Cacoo, Omnicharts, or other diagramming software. I want to be able to present the workflows to other teams without having to redraw them separately.


Right now, I have to really play with the code just to get a full page screenshot.


app.hubspot.com_workflows_5863384_flow_5749035_edit(Vertical) (4).png

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Josh Esteemed Advisor | Gold Partner | HubSpot Certified Trainer
Esteemed Advisor | Gold Partner | HubSpot Certified Trainer

Hi @Xtinnna,


Agreed, this would be a great feature. I use Fireshot (a chrome extension) to capture the entire page. It's not perfect, but it usually gets it into a format that I can use without having to mess with the code itself.



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@Josh Would love if they could add an integration with a diagraming software. But that's a longshot