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When we have tasks that require collaboration, or even perhaps meetings to define job roles or other action items associated with those tasks, it would be nice to be able to export the tasks in single cut sheets, but also, it would be nice to export the list of tasks in an excel format with the notes associated for planning, meetings, etc.

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Export Tasks from CRMHubSpot Moderator
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Hi HubSpot Community,

I'm excited to let you all know that task export is now in beta. If you would like access to task export, please fill out this form. Once you have filled out the form, I will be personally emailing those who have been given access.

We do plan to release this functionality to all users within the next few weeks as well. 


As always, the HubSpot Product Team is thankful for your continued feedback! 


Export Tasks from CRMHubSpot Product Team
changed to: Not Currently Planned

Export Tasks from CRMHubSpot Moderator

Thank you all who have submitted the form. As of today, you are all able to see the option to export tasks from the HubSpot CRM. 

For any continued feedback on Task Export - please share it directly with me via this form.

Export Tasks from CRMHubSpot Moderator
changed to: In Planning

Hi HubSpot community,

Thank you for your continued input on this post and the ability to export tasks from the HubSpot CRM. We are currently planning and preparing to begin development on this feature in 2019. Please keep an eye on this post for updates as we begin to roll it into a beta program. Feel free to continue posting your team's specific plans and intended uses of exported tasks. 


Thank you again for your feedback, it is extremely valuable to all of us on the HubSpot Product Team. 


- Dylan 

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Hi HubSpot Community, 

Thank you for your continued input and feedback. Task export is now live to all users. You can find details and instructions on how to start exporting tasks using this knowledge article



Export Tasks from CRMHubSpot Moderator

Thank you for your input @jasonkeen - this is something we're still calculating the best approach for, it is on our minds and something we hope to build but we aren't quite there yet. I will update this post once we have a more clear timetable. 

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned
New Member

Hi There, 


I totally support this task extraction feature. It would be a great way to monitor my reps achievements and issues. 


I would be also happy to perform some analytics!


Please make this happen Smiley Happy


Many thanks, 



Occasional Contributor

Totally agree. Being able to audit your team is critical and actually surprised to find out this is not available.

Just because you give a task to someone, doens't mean they do it! Need to see tasks, and completed tasks as an Excel Export.

Occasional Contributor

Yes, please.  This is an easy piece of code to write, and actually makes your platform MORE sticky, not less.  

New Member

 I agree! I would love to be able to export my task lists into excel format. If possible, I would love the notes field to be included in this, too.

Occasional Contributor

Agree on adding the notes element as well!

Occasional Contributor

100% agree.  This is a must have function.

New Contributor

I would love to a report that I can print and hand to management with information about outstanding tasks. 

Occasional Contributor

This is a critical feature for a CRM to have, and you have ALL the fields in place to make it happen. 


Furthermore, not sure who else is using ConnectAndSell, but not having this export feature is a problem..


Would love to see this adderssed!



New Member

Couldn't agree more. I'm amazed this isn't a standerd feature yet. As a holding, all our seperate business units (who act like different firms with different CRMs), could benefit from a task-export for integrated projects.