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When we have tasks that require collaboration, or even perhaps meetings to define job roles or other action items associated with those tasks, it would be nice to be able to export the tasks in single cut sheets, but also, it would be nice to export the list of tasks in an excel format with the notes associated for planning, meetings, etc.

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HubSpot Moderator

Thank you for your input @jasonkeen - this is something we're still calculating the best approach for, it is on our minds and something we hope to build but we aren't quite there yet. I will update this post once we have a more clear timetable. 

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Definitely a feature I am missing! Especially working with many tasks at once, being able to export to excel gives a better overview as well as filtering and sorting options.

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While this feature is not available in native Hubspot export, you can use third-party tool Import2 WIzard to export tasks and filter while exporting for example by status (complete, in progress etc) or by creation date for example.


Screen Shot on 2018-09-14 at 19_25_45.pngHere is an overview on extracting sales activities from Hubspot: https://blog.import2.com/extracting-client-engagement-history/

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Yes please! This is something our sales team are asking for as they manage a lot of tasks in Hubspot and find it useful to export and share with others.

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This is something I need. We have such a volume of tasks being created and completed it would be so valuable to be able to export the full list and pivot out relevant data for our teams. This is much easier than the reporting add-on. 

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Tasks needs to be available to export. Along with "Notes" and Recorded Calls". I would never have signed up for Hubspot had I known the data that my company puts in can't be exported!!! I was able to import this information from Salesforce to Hubspot but Hubspot won't let me export this same information? This is MY data? I cannot recommend this to any other business owner until this is fixed. This was never explained to be while talking to MANY Hubspot sales personel. 


To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. 

Steven_Loepfe Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner
Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner

Please add task list export, just like in the other tools (eg. deals). Would make things in a collaborative meeting setting easier.

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This needs to be a fast-tracked feature. Since project information cannot be filtered on a per-user basis this export feature would at least help as a stop-gap for performance reporting.

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I agree. We also send some direct mail to people in workflows. We assign a task (a to do) to someone, and I'd like that person to be able to export their tasks in a spreadsheet AND be able to select the fields to export like street address, city, state, etc.  That way they can do a mailmerge to labels, and easily track between the completed mailing and the completed tasks in Hubspot. 

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Seria muy importante el que podamos tener las tareas para exportar, así también llevamos un registro de ellas y no se podrán borrar de ningún lado. 


muchas gracias