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Export Security Activity History - More detail about


HubSpot has a "Export Security Activity History" that allow to have the following information:

  • Adding, removing, requiring or removing the requirement for single sign-on (SSO)
  • Exporting contacts
  • Adding or removing users
  • Viewing, creating, or deactivating an API key

For each user action, the export shows:

  • the time of the action
  • the type of action
  • the user's email address
  • the ID of the affected object
  • the approximate location
  • a link to the URL where the action was taken in the account

However if we want to know what was the user that was "Add", "Removed" or even "Changed" we don't have this information. 

Is possible to add to this report the Name of Object/Record that was created, updated, or deleted"?