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It would be extremely helpful and timesaving if there was a quick way to export report data from the main reports list.  For example, in the drop down for actions for the report, it should include the option to export data without needing to pick to edit the report and go into the report builder in order to just export data.

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I have a similar request - to be able to filter reports and then export the filtered data. For example, I want to be able to compare the performance of 3 whitepapers by the number of submissions on each landing page. 

Right now all I can do is export all landing page data in a specific time period and then work hard in Excel. I want to be able to export just the relevant landing page submissions. 

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This. From standard UX, I can't imagine most people would think exporting a list would be found under Edit. I can sort see (barely) an arguement that one may want to edit the list before exporting, but in my case, I want to look up my leads report and be able to just click Export. We go over our Top 100 leads in our funnel bi-weekly using a spreadsheet, so having quick access to a csv would be great.