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I created a report showing a list of companies that have an associated parent company.  The report shows exactly what I want.  The issue is when I export that report data.  Rather than getting the parent company name, I get the parent company ID.  A random numeric value is totally useless.  I want/need the actual parent company name.  There must be some way on the back end to do a lookup and pass through the company name after looking up the company ID.  Please fix this!!

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We use this HubSpot Google Sheets integration to automatically sync the company data to a Google Sheet.

We then use the Google Sheet Import Range function to import this data into another sheet which we can add functions to.

We then do a lookup on this sheet using the Parent ID against the Company ID to add the Parent Company Name as a Column which can then be used in other reports, etc. 

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I concur with this! It must be a very simply enhancement to allow for the export of the parent organisation name next to the parent company ID. Please can this be added to the functionality Hubspot?