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Export Parent Company Name

I created a report showing a list of companies that have an associated parent company.  The report shows exactly what I want.  The issue is when I export that report data.  Rather than getting the parent company name, I get the parent company ID.  A random numeric value is totally useless.  I want/need the actual parent company name.  There must be some way on the back end to do a lookup and pass through the company name after looking up the company ID.  Please fix this!!

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We use this HubSpot Google Sheets integration to automatically sync the company data to a Google Sheet.

We then use the Google Sheet Import Range function to import this data into another sheet which we can add functions to.

We then do a lookup on this sheet using the Parent ID against the Company ID to add the Parent Company Name as a Column which can then be used in other reports, etc. 


I concur with this! It must be a very simply enhancement to allow for the export of the parent organisation name next to the parent company ID. Please can this be added to the functionality Hubspot?


Agree - facing the same issue!!


I'm trying to report on the number of deals each of my child companies has within a parent. In an ideal world I would like to see:

Parent company/Child company names/number of deals under parent umbrella


I'm on the free version of Hubspot (for the short term) so I can't build custom reports. In the interim I have created a list which shows the child company/parent company/number of deals under child company. I now want to export the list and sort by parent company so that I have the original view I need (how many deals under a parent with the child orgs listed). My issue now is that when I export the list, the parent company names dissapear and are replaced with unique idenitifier numbers?? Anyone know how to fix this??


For us, we have a complex market as we sell to the NHS landscape. In this matrix you have an Integrated Care System (this would be the 'parent' company although that isn't strictly true) and then horizontally you will have several hospital trusts and local authorities ('child' organisations). Each of the parents are assigned to a senior member of the team but the children could be assigned to any other member of the team. On a weekly basis I need to pull a list of all of the deals we have in the pipeline to include the parent and the child. This allows me to see where we are really engaging with a parent and also where we may be engaging with a parent but no children. I present this to the senior leadership team and sort by Parent.

Currently, I am pulling the list of opportunities (I can see the parent on my screen but can't sort by parent) but when I export I can only see the unique identifier number for the parent. This means I have to go back and manually note the Parent.

If Hubspot wants to be a CRM of choice for organsiations such as consultancies (not just transactional businesses) we need this functionality!



This actually used to work until a few weeks ago, where the PARENT company name, was showing in the Associated Companies column in the export. This dissapeared recently and when I contacted HS, they say apparently it was a bug (where PARENT company was showing in the Associated Company) so now is fixed. This does now seem like a bug to me; and now I ahve to play around with sheets and formulas, when the information is already there.


HS IT team, please fix this so we can actually make use of the exported data without having to resort to other programmes.


Completely Agree!  This seems so very basic.  Why would the Parent Company ID be exported instead of the Parent Company name?  This is a CRM / Marketing tool, not an IT tool.  Generally people are reading these reports/data, not programs or processes.


If anyone wants the Parent Company ID, then that should be a seperate field. 

Is there a Parent Company Name field AND a Parent Company ID field,  OR is there only a "Company Name" field?  I expect there is only a Company name field...and no Parent Company Name the Parent / child is just a relationship between two "companies".   


Even if this is the case, the report / export tool should be able to allow a choice of using the Parent ID OR the Company name... or simply include both as seperate fields, OR possibly concatenate the Parent Company ID with the Company name, like  ABC Company 546789689.  This is not perfect but at least the data would be there and further massaging of the data could trim off the ID if necessary.


The resolution that I was pointed to, is to use the Custom Report and pull in two objects.  In our case we wanted the Company name (not number) to show on a simple report (export) of Deals.  It was quite easy to do using the Custom Report function.  I'm not sure if the Custom Report is available to all versions.

Here is a link to a third party video of an interview about Custom reports:  third party video

and a HubSpot Knowledge Base doc:  This is our KB doc.


Hope this helps!

Lance Dowdy


I agree! please make this change as i am quite sure the report used to export with both the id number and the parent company name


Shouldn't be a hard to develop this functionality Hubspot. This is basic reporting. What are with an ID only if you don't have another value against it.

Hope your overall reporting capabilities on associated companies (Names) will improve in the near future. 



has there been any update on this from Hubspot?


I agree.  We use parent companies a lot in our organization and to have it shift during the export from the name to a number makes any reports that I am trying to pull useless.  PLEASE UPDATE to continue to show the parent name when the data is exported or pulled into a report.  


Huge issue for us that needs a solution ASAP!  I need to not only export Parent names, but I would love to also sort by parent companies in a list as well.  Does NOT make sense that we can't sort by parent companies.



I am having the same issue with the Primary Company name, customer service directed me to this thread. Hubspot shows me the Primary Company Name in the filter/list when I view on Hubspot but when I export it switches to the Primary Company ID which is not what I wanted. Very frustrating to see one thing on the screen but have it export something different. It takes extra time to then export the full list of companies and vlookup the proper name into the export. I don't see the logic behind why the Name couldn't be exported in addition to the ID.


This is a very serious problem for me and a major reason I am dissatisfied and thinking about another solution.


I don't have the time or resources to manually update company numbers to company names and this happens both within lists on the screen and in exported lists


If it can be fixed, I would much prefer not to switch


I hope someone fixes this issue ASAP! IT cannot be that hard of a fix. It is inconveint to havet o VLookup in another sheet each time I want to list the Parent Companies. 


Similar problem:


Parent Company property displays the Parent Company Name, but when copied via workflow to another property, it copies the internal ID instead. I'd like to copy the Parent Company Name in a workflow. I was told this is expected behavior, but it seems very odd to me that the underlying field in export or workflows being anything other than what is displayed in the UI be expected. It seems like a bug to me.


Either way, anyone have a solution for this? I would like to copy the parent company's name (not ID) into another property via workflow.



I am facing a similar issue, I would like to copy the values from Parent company to a new property called Client Group. All my issues would be solved if I could edit the name of the Parent Company property or would be solved quickly if I could copy the property through a workflow.


My solution: manually create a property called Client_Group and copy & paste the values from Parent company. I'm crossing my fingers that by using the dropdown select field type I can include both the internal ID and the company name, but only the company name will show. I will update you with the results.


This is still a VERY needed feature!  I have to do an xlookup on every report I run for other departments.  HubSpot, please fix 🙂 


I ended up solving this with custom code using operations hub.


I'm copying over certain values from parent companies to all of their child companies. 

I created a company property called "parent company name" (internal id=parent_company_name) and I'm copying the value of the Company Name (name) property in the parent company to the parent_company_name property for all their child companies. 

I also left here some other fields I'm copying over: Company Owner (hubspot_owner_id), Solutions Engineer (solutions_engineer), Lifecycle Stage (lifecyclestage), and Account Tier (tier__c) just so you have some examples of how it's done. 



const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client');

exports.main = async (event, callback) => {
  // Define Hubspot client
  const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({
    accessToken: process.env.insertyouraccesstokenhere 

  let output = "Updated companies: ";

  // Start main logic
  try {
    // Get parent company properties
    console.log('event.object.objectId:', event.object.objectId);
    const parentCompany = await hubspotClient.crm.companies.basicApi.getById(event.object.objectId, ["hubspot_owner_id", "solutions_engineer", "tier__c", "lifecyclestage", "name"]); // What you guys are looking for is the "name" property
    console.log('parentCompany:', parentCompany);
    const parentProperties =;

    // Set properties to update
    const propertiesToUpdate = {
      "hubspot_owner_id": parentProperties.hubspot_owner_id,
      "solutions_engineer": parentProperties.solutions_engineer,
      "tier__c": parentProperties.tier__c,
      "lifecyclestage": parentProperties.lifecyclestage,
      "parent_company_name": // Copy "name" to "parent_company_name" in child companies

    // Get child companies
    const childCompaniesResponse = await hubspotClient.crm.companies.associationsApi.getAll(event.object.objectId, "company");
    const childCompanies = childCompaniesResponse.results;

    // Update child companies
    for (const childCompany of childCompanies) {
      try {
        if (childCompany.toObjectId) { // Check if childCompany has an id property
          console.log('childCompany.toObjectId:', childCompany.toObjectId);
          const apiResponse = await hubspotClient.crm.companies.basicApi.update(childCompany.toObjectId, { properties: propertiesToUpdate });
          output += childCompany.toObjectId + ", ";
          console.log("Full response object:", apiResponse);
          console.log("Updated child company:", childCompany.toObjectId);
        } else {
          console.error("Child company does not have an id property:", childCompany);
      } catch (e) {
        console.error('API error:', e);
        output += "Error updating company " + childCompany.toObjectId + ", ";

  } catch (err) {
    console.log("Error looking for child companies");
    throw err;

  console.log("Output:", output);
    outputFields: {
      company_childs: output // You need to also define output in the action output variables settings



this shouldn't be needed, but it works.


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Still needed! Why show the Parent Company Name on the list but only export the HubSpot Company Record ID. Insane!


I'm am going to remove my name from watching this list, primarily because we went another route.  Since we needed to track many locations/sites for a given Company, as we need to track which location has purchased/installed certain products, we used a third party HubSpot integrator to develop a "Custom Object" called "SITES".  This works very well.  The SITES custom object looks and acts just like a COMPANY or CONTACT;  you associate a Site (location) to the Company just like you associate a Contact to a Company.  We then created tons of fields for the SITES object.

This is what worked for us.