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Export List of Contacts from sequence activity drill-downs

Once contacts are enrolled in sequences, we would like additional reporting tools to further target them accurately. One way my team thinks this would help is by being able to export lists of contacts depending on their engagement with a sequence and by exporting this list from the sequences reporting drill-down menu since that is where our SDR's that use the platform go to infer behavioral information from. 

Thank you!

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Commenting on behalf of a few customers. This idea would be very useful- if we are able to export a list of contacts enrolled in a sequence, along with the status of those contacts. This is needed, for example, to be able to clean your contact lists of anyone who may have bounced. Instead its a long, manual process of identifying these particular contacts. 


Great idea !


This would be helpful so that Sales and Marketing can collaborate on targeting active prospects in a sequence.


I'd like to be able to create lists based on what sequences contacts have been enrolled in. Also would be very helpful to be able to pull lists based on engagement with the sequence i.e. open, click, reply, bounce, etc.


As a targeted marketing tool, HubSpot really needs to make this reporting functionality for individual sequences available to customers. The data is there and this is critical for proper follow up, especially with those contacts who have engaged with the emails but perhaps did not create a meeting with the sales person. Almost as important is to be able to quickly get a list of those who have NOT engaged, so we can do a "breakup" outreach to them and remove them from our database. Please provide an ETA on when this functionality will be introduced, it's extremely valuable for both sales & marketing at the Professional level (as opposed to creating it and only having it available for Enterprise cusotmers).


Super idea !


Please yes add this ! 


Yes I agree! As a marketing and sales ops manager I'd LOVE this feature!


The ability to download reports is needed.  Sometimes you need to share information contained in HubSpot with folks who do not use HubSpot.  Please make our lives easier.  


Please do this! Either make it where we can export the contacts that were enrolled in a sequence to a list so we can then bulk edit or assign them. The other option is having a similair feature to 'list membership' but instead its 'sequence membership' and you can sort contacts based off of what sequences they've been enrolled it. This is a much needed way to filter contacts and I can't create a property or workflow to make this work, so please create this! 


Has anyone found a workaround to this?


I'm not sure if this will help but If you go under contacts and you add a filter, there is one called" number of sequences enrolled" I left the number blank since I didn't have a specific number I was looking for. I was able to narrow down my contacts to people who have been in a sequence. It doesn't tell me which unless I click on the contact name but at least it narrows down and I'm able to export this list to an excel list. Not sure if this helps but its a start since we can't export from under sequences. 


@MAguirreSanch this is helpful! Thank you!

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Upvoting this! You can click into the activity reports within the Sequences page and see a list of contacts who have opened/clicked/replied, but there's not the option to export them or at least add them to a static list. We can look at the overall "Recent sales email" contact properties, but those won't show us contacts specific to a sequence or email template.


This is a crucial update for cleaning lists. Any word on how long until the update? 


I totally agree.  This would be a great feature to add. 

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Hey you all! 

You can create an active List for your contacts enrolled in a specific sequence and then export. 
How you export a list is described here 🙂 List Filter for sequences.gif