Export List of Contacts from sequence activity drill-downs


Once contacts are enrolled in sequences, we would like additional reporting tools to further target them accurately. One way my team thinks this would help is by being able to export lists of contacts depending on their engagement with a sequence and by exporting this list from the sequences reporting drill-down menu since that is where our SDR's that use the platform go to infer behavioral information from. 

Thank you!

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Commenting on behalf of a few customers. This idea would be very useful- if we are able to export a list of contacts enrolled in a sequence, along with the status of those contacts. This is needed, for example, to be able to clean your contact lists of anyone who may have bounced. Instead its a long, manual process of identifying these particular contacts. 


Great idea !


This would be helpful so that Sales and Marketing can collaborate on targeting active prospects in a sequence.


I'd like to be able to create lists based on what sequences contacts have been enrolled in. Also would be very helpful to be able to pull lists based on engagement with the sequence i.e. open, click, reply, bounce, etc.