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Hi Hubspot Team,


Please do work out for a solution to export the notes/timeline of the leads, so that it'll be easy for us to save them in a worksheet every month for quick overlook.

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I'd like to throw my vote in for this.  I have a client that was a bit concerned with the idea of cleaning out unengaged contacts in an effort to keep their database clean and friendly for email reputation and deliverability.  I think the thing that would help them is if exporting contact properties AND timelines and notes before deleting them would help ease the uncertainty.  


After talking with a HubSpot support rep recently, it sounds like notes and timelines are associated with a Contact ID versus the contact's email address.  I know I don't know enough about HubSpot to make this assumption, but if there's anyway to make the email address the Contact ID so that a re-engaged contact automatically restores their properties and timeline after being deleted, that would be, like "the bomb".  Thanks guys!

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Is there any way for Multi-Line properties to register the linebreaks?

All my Deals multi-line fields lose the linebreaks during exports, which has essentialy voided the whole benefit of being able to export the data.

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Pls, this is a basic service in whatever CRM platform.