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Export Lead Scoring Setup/Properties Used in Lead Scoring

Hi Team, (Submitting on behalf of customers) 


Currently, we're only able to export the property history of lead scoring properties but it will be great if we can also export the entire setup of all the scoring properties used within the property. This is helpful if one has a super complicated/long set of properties that needs evaluating by the team - export the entire list will be helpful in those scenarios. 

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Would love to see this happen. We have a complicated flow of positive and negative scores being added based on different interactions happening with new and old content being added and removed from our site. The current method to view the score filters is not easy to read, nor edit (move them around), nor categorize. Being able to export them so we can see them in a spreadsheet OR being able to edit them in a design/edit type tool you have for the workflows would be idea.

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I absolutely agree to both @liangsj  @alecia_obrien . We also have a very comprehensive scoring and would like to optimize this scoring iteratively together with Sales. Here we would be superhappy if we could at least export the current score set as an overview (preferable export, edit, import).


Does Hubspot know that their scoring rules platform, while easy to build, is impossible to share? Do they realize they're pretty much the only marketing platform lacking in this area? Marketo, Pardot, ClickDimensions, Eloqua all make it easy to share the list of rules and point values for their scoring system. C'mon, Hubspot.