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Export Lead Score rules to excel (or make easier to review in product)

Once HubSpot Lead Score is configured, it's difficult to review the list of Scores that've been assigned. 

Each ruleset  takes up a lot of white space, and the fact that we only have 2/3 of the screen to view the PropertyEditModal makes it quite difficult in my opinion to revie and make changes to the Lead Scoring model.  Lot's of unecessary scrolling.


My use case, is I want to share with other team members what the Lead Score criteria consists of ... I'm going to end up copy / pasting into excel rather than showing the criteria in product which is kind of a shame.


tldr; make it easier for marketers to review HubSpot Lead Score criteria without requiring so much scrolling.



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I think hubspot scores need to be more acessible. We have a quite a lot and we can't search them!


Agreed!!!  I was shocked to see this can't be exported in some format.  What pain in the **bleep**. 


Totally agree! We have a lot and I need to review them every so often, it's a pain trying to view and edit them in that format. 


Yes please!!! This is quite frustating.


Yes, please! We evaluate our lead scoring often and make tweaks....the current interface is not user friendly and doesn't make it easy to analyze your rules all together....there have been several times I've made errors because I forgot I already added a criteria or I made a mistake upon entering because it's so difficult to preview and triple check all your criteria. 

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This feature REALLY needs a table view. 


New to Hubspot, what a pain the rules cant be exported for review!