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Make the Calendar exportable to excel and pdf for sharing internally

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Has this feature been approved for deployment? 

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This would be so helpful!!!

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Cosigning this. It would also be nice to be able to create user profiles in hubspot that can view all tasks in the hubspot calendar while maintaining read-only permissions. As of now this is not possible as you must grant access to all social media accounts for the user to see social posts in the calendar. 

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We would love this as well.  It would be a handy report to give to our VP as a monthly activities highlight report. 


Specifically we would like the list view to be exportable to Excel and the month view exportable to a PDF formatted in landscape orientation.

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This would be a huge help!!!!!!

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HubSpot Employee

I agree this would a a good feature for sharing the calendar more widely within an organization (beyond colleagues who are users in the portal).

(just for clarification: my understanding is that the issue relates to the calendar in the Marketing Hub, under "Productivity" > "Calendar". It includes scheduled content, marketing tasks, etc.)

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I was just trying to do this today.  It would be great to export the data into a spreadsheet.

I have emails going out, blog posts scheduled and social messages all going out that I would like to be able to review as well as report on.

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Is it possible to sync this calendar with Outlook/Google Calendar? This will be helpful to have an overall view of everything.

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This would be a great time saver as I wouldn't have to create a separate excel spreadsheet to document everything!

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Any movement on this? Very time consuming transposing at the moment!

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This would be a HUGE help in communicating to management and team on our weekly / monthly calls. While they have access to HubSpot they don't use it, nor would it be beneficial for them to look at it within HubSpot. To be able to have this exported into CSV or PDF would be so great. 


Any movement on this to get done?



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This would be a massive help for us too as transposing everything into Excel is very time-consuming at the moment.  Pretty please!?!?

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Neeed! That woul'd be fantastic!  

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This would be a very useful tool. As someone who needs this for sharing with other shareholders without them having access.



We need this ability in order to use this Calendar from the "Planning and Strategy" tab! Need to be able to share the excel file with management.

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We have a need to share the marketing calendar with external partners who don't have access to our Hubspot instance.  So a two-way sync with Google Calendar would be very useful for us.  This would serve as more of a collaboration tool rather just a report for management.

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This seems like an ongoing request for 2 years with no resolutin.  Hubspot -- this is definitely needed!  A simple export function of the calendar (even just one view) would help immensely for those of us that have to report to various leadership / management teams within the organization.  Management will never login to Hubspot to view this -- but giving us the ability to share and showcase this type of functionality with a simple export actually helps all of us to continue to show the value of the Hubspot tool within our respective organizations. 

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This is 100% a feature that is needed. I have to constantly duplicate my scheduling to show my social posts in a calendar view for my clients. If I was able to export the calendar for what had been scheduled, it would save me hours every week.