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Export Company Owner Email Address

I would like a simple way to export the company owner's email address when exporting company views. When looking at the companies page, I can see the company owner and the company owner's email address in one column. However, when I actually export the view, only the company owner name is exported--it does not include the company owner's email address. I looked to try and find a separate field to add to this view that included the company owner's email address, and this field does not exist. 


Yes, there are workarounds. I can go to the HubSpot user page and copy all of the user names and corresponding email addresses to a text file, and then using some formulas make it into a usable list to bounce some vlookups off of to finally get this information into my spreadsheet--but this seems like a silly amount of steps to take to obtain information that is already contained there in the view.


I appreciate your help!!


I appreciate your help!!

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💯 we should be able to do this without vlookups in Excel. The information is already there. Why not include it for us, Hubspot?