Export Campaign Data


It would be helpful to be able to export campaign data to csv.


Possible ideas for what to include in the export columns:

  • Campaign name
  • Campaign ID
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Sessions
  • New contacts
  • Incfluenced contacts
  • Closed deals
  • Influenced revenue 
  • Number of associated assets (broken down by asset type; i.e., emails, pages, CTAs)


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If you would find this functionality useful, please add your use case below as well as what you'd find helpful in a campaign export!

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I totally agree with this.  In addition to be able to export campaign data, would like to be able to rename campaign names or at least have a drop down where I could flag a campaign as TOFU, MOFU, BOFU content.   


Totally agree! Much needed. 


YES! Much needed. Not being able to reference Campaigns when exporting data is quite annoying.


great idea!


It would be a very good help !


We need the ability to export data within a campaign.


For example, if I have a campaign that has 20 CTA buttons, I want to export a spreadsheet that has:

  • The name of every CTA in that campaign
  • The clicks for each CTA
  • Views of each CTA
  • CTR of each CTA

(As a side note, it would be very helpful to change campaign names!)


Totally agree!  We have this campaign tool that produces amazing data in a format that looks neat and crisp but no way to export it.

I need to send this data to clients that I have made each campaign for and the easiest option (which isn't ideal and very time consuming), is to copy an paste all the details into an excel spreadsheet, then spend more wasted time making it look decent enough to send to a customer.

Why not make a great tool greater by implementing an export function?

Seems like a no-brainer to me!


I use Campaign Reports to send to clients so that they can have an overview of their activities. Not being able to export to .pdf make it look less professional that it otherwise could. It would be nice to select which aspects of the Campaign you want to include.


Totally agree!  The campaign tool provides excellent data which would be perfect to export and send to customers who we're collecting the data about, rather than having to create reports from scratch.


We have been looking to do something like this as well!! This would be extremely helpful to have. 

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Yes and it would be great to be able to email the report to yourself/other users like you can with dashboards! 


This would be super helpful to me, as I create campaigns monthly!


I need this feature!! We market by industry (construction, nonprofit, healthcare, etc) and our assets are all tied to industry campaigns. It is SO frustrating to see this data but not be able to share it unless I cobble together other data points. It's also not easy to build a custom report with this info using the current available options. I have demanding shareholders who want this info!

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Hi everyone! Shared an update update just now on a few campaigns-related ideas, example: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Allow-external-pages-to-be-associated-with-a-Campaign... and wanted to close the loop here too.


The good news is that we're focused on a substantial upgrade to the campaigns tool to enable us to expand the functionality of the app well beyond what we have today. This work will get us to a point where it will be possible for us to add on a lot more capability including exporting data.


There are a few different types of exports mentioned here, from CSVs, to PDFs. Are there any good examples of similar exports in HubSpot that you think do a good job at this that we should consider a good starting point? 


For added points I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little extra time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts: https://www.research.net/r/campaignsfeedback052020. Appreciate it!


Need to be able to export Campaigns as PDFs, not just CSV data. How are we supposed to share results with clients or other team members outside of HS? 


We're able to export a Dashboard as a PDF, why not Campaigns? I honestly can't believe this is even an issue until I needed to share a Campaign with outsiders... and couldn't.


And/or, perhaps a sharable link to the Campaign would be a nice choice so non-HS people can at least review data.


Would also be nice to be able to add Sequences to a Campaign.


Also, we need to be able to export a specific time frame. Even if I filter in HubSpot, the downloaded CSV shows all time data. Also, I can view Type of ad in HubSpot and targeted demographics in Details, but I can't figure out a way to download this info. 


Agreed! It would also be very helpful to have the ability to add custom properties to the campaign object! Use case 1:We tie expenses to campaigns in Expensify. Having the ability to export a campaign list to pre-populate a picklist in Expensify helps us keep data clean.  Use case 2: Coming from SFDC, we've historically done extensive ROI analytics on Campaign information outside of the CRM. Having the ability to export data is crutial to maintain this level of reporting. Use Case 3: We would like to add custom properties to campaigns to provide more context and detail around a given campaign so we can report on them. Things like associating a campaign type, strategy, status, description, actual cost (vs. budget), start/end dates, expected number of deals to generate, actual number of deals generated, deal revenue generated, call to action, pre-launch plan, execution plan, giveaways, employees associated with campaign, lessons learned, etc.

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Totally agree!! Any idea about when it would be available? Tks!


It would be nice when exporting the campagn data to include the contact ID for the contacts created


I completely agree. I'm not sure what the use case would be to have a campaign data consolidation tool and NOT have an export feature. I'm surprised this is even an outstanding issue.


Exporting the raw data in CSV or XLSX format would be preferable.


Being able to change Campaign Names would be extremely helpful as well give how often campaigns or naming conventions change over time.