Export All Properties in CSV.

We just switched over to HubSpot from Salesforce and are trying to do an audit on which properties we have - so we can find duplicates and either merge or delete them. It would be great if we could export all existing Properties in our system with their Name, Description, Type, # Contacts w/ Value, Workflows Used In, Lists Used In, etc. 

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I second this request! When integrating Hubspot and Netsuite I need to compare lists and so an extract of drop downs (like State lists, etc) would help.

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Concur with others comments - we have a drop down of over 200 items! and I need to compare this with other systems. PRefer not to have to wade through pages of a drop-down and copy / pasting data values.

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 Hey! I support this too. I need to see and compare all the fields on so many contact properties, just export them would be amazingly helpfull. Kudos to op.


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I too would like to see this implemented. Very useful. 

I would like such a tool to be bi-directional so that I could also set up contatct property fields.

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Yes, it would be very helpful to be able to export the list of drop-down select values into a spreadsheet. I have some clients that have hundreds of drop-down values and from time to time we need to perform data maintenance on them, and we have to write them all one at a time into a spreadsheet. That's a big waste of time, so it would be helpful to be able to export them into a spreadsheet or even just copy them onto a web page that we could then copy into a spreadsheet to update in bulk.

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I'm working on a custom integration and need to make sure all options for certain properties exist in the other system, but can't export Hubspot's options?!


Why?  You can export property history but not a comprehensive list of its options?  Doesn't make any sense...

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This needs to be an option ASAP.  Not having this makes property audits and this step of custom integrations much harder than need be.

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 Would love this.  We're in the same boat and would also find value in export for in-depth analysis of client data stored in custom fields.

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This would be great. Currently, we have to copy from the page into a spreadsheet, which brings over unwanted action terms (i.e. "View Clone Delete"), etc.

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Yes I would like to see this implemented too!

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We are merging two HubSpot accounts and had the need to compare properties in the two accounts. I came up with this as the easiest way to export properties.  


  1. Build a list of just one contact (for simplicity) and export it to Excel with ALL properties. That will give you an Excel sheet with a large number of columns. 
  2. From there it's easy to use the Excel feature to "transpose" columns into rows. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/transpose-rotate-data-from-rows-to-columns-or-vice-versa-34....
  3. Then you have your list of contact properties. 


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Big upvote from me and the Plume team on this one!

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 It would be very helpfull. Actually I need it now. I need to export dpop down oprtions and I don't know how to do it.

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Looking for any possible way to export all the properties. Noting this is a 2017 thread... Is there any update on this from the Hubspot team? 

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This is a must for any Admin with a large environment.

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Same here!

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Totally agree on this one! I also need to create a match list with all the contact properties that we already have, where they come from and what they have on it. We're building a custom API integration and doing this manually is a PAIN.

Thanks for adding this to your dev to-do list.

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This would be such a helpful feature. We are preparing to integrate with NetSuite and I am currently sitting here manually typing Label, Internal Name and Field Type into what looks to be a lenghty spreadsheet.  Exporting would save so much time. Thanks!

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 I completely agree. Was looking for the answer to this but found out it couldn't be done. 

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Yes, HubSpot this is much needed!