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Export All Properties in CSV.

We just switched over to HubSpot from Salesforce and are trying to do an audit on which properties we have - so we can find duplicates and either merge or delete them. It would be great if we could export all existing Properties in our system with their Name, Description, Type, # Contacts w/ Value, Workflows Used In, Lists Used In, etc. 

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August 03, 2020 12:28 PM

Hi all!


The Export Property Definitions functionality is now available for Super Admins on all hubs.


To use it, navigate to Settings > Property Settings, and find the "Export all properties" link. Find more documentation here.


I look forward to your feedback!

Jeff Vincent

PM, CRM at HubSpot



Export property definitions linkExport property definitions link

In Beta
July 16, 2020 02:43 PM

Hey all!


I'm excited to share we've implemented a Export Property Definitions feature, thanks to your feedback. You can now export all property definitions for your Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets! Always nice to share some good news.


We don't have everything from Taylor's original request in the first release. Here are the columns included:

  • Name
  • Label
  • Type
  • Description
  • Group name
  • Form field
  • Options
  • Read only value
  • Read only definition
  • Calculated
  • External options
  • Deleted
  • Hubspot defined
  • Created user

This is in limited beta for a short period, and then we'll be rolling it out to all hubs over the coming weeks. Excited to see how you can use this to de-clutter your hub and reclaim master of your HubSpot domain.

June 30, 2020 09:53 AM

Hello HubSpot community, 

Thank you for your continued feedback here. I'm delighted to let you all know that this is something in active development and should be available soon. We'll update this post once it is in beta! 

- Dylan 

Being Reviewed
March 30, 2020 08:23 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. The request to export all properties is an interesting one, especially for the migration cases described here. Based on the comments and use cases you all have listed, we are reviewing this request and its feasibility among other priorities on our roadmap. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but thanks to the comments and votes on this post we’re actively looking into a solution.

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Cheers @travwhite .. not sure if I got this right but when exporting all properties what I got was an excel with all property names. What I didn't get was the list of options for each. 

So for example I have a custom field with 500 options (e.g. in a dropdown).. what I want is that list of 500 options in a .csv


I tried the Export Properties but don't think that was included. Is this your understanding?


Definitely still needed in 2022


Auditing what was done with past company users and would like to be able to export property details "group" and "created by" 

Currently properties are divided by "group" by putting properties in the same group in its own sheet. It would be more helpful to have group as a column. 

Echoing what others have said- the ability to export more of the property details is much needed! 


How many upvotes does an idea need to be implemented?  Surprised to see this is 6 years old and stil not available!


Could you have the function to be able to just export one or as many of the object properties and not ALL - example : Today I only wanted to export the contact properties to a csv but it only allowed all to be exported.