Export All Properties in CSV.

We just switched over to HubSpot from Salesforce and are trying to do an audit on which properties we have - so we can find duplicates and either merge or delete them. It would be great if we could export all existing Properties in our system with their Name, Description, Type, # Contacts w/ Value, Workflows Used In, Lists Used In, etc. 

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Great Idea.  Especially for Enterprise Level CRM. 

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This is a high priority for myself as well. 


It's the kind of feature that is table stakes on an enterprise platform. 


We use Hubspot in an increasingly complex environment. More apps connect to it than ever before. We need a way better tools to manage the complexity as an administrator. Other enterprise-grade marketing platforms, like Pardot, come with this feature. 

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Is there any chance to get this implemented?? That would be very helpful for us too.

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Also looking for this