Export All Properties in CSV.


We just switched over to HubSpot from Salesforce and are trying to do an audit on which properties we have - so we can find duplicates and either merge or delete them. It would be great if we could export all existing Properties in our system with their Name, Description, Type, # Contacts w/ Value, Workflows Used In, Lists Used In, etc. 

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This is crazy that you cannot do this. Need this ASAP

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+1 for this idea! 


How is it possible this isn't available? Seems like a very typical admin requirement.

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Bump this up, this would be great


Bumping as we need this feature as well. We have a contact property that lists our part-time educators. These names change regularly as people join and leave the team. It would be helpful to be able to export a list of who is currently in there and compare it to our HR database. Even the ability to copy and paste into excel would be fine! We can't do that with the way the property labels are listed though. 


Please add this to the roadmap!!


Agreed, going through the HS <> Zoho integration process using Automate and looks like it's going to be messy. 


Please add this option.  We can export so much, why not the properties?


Double yes! Please implement this, it will make managing and cleaning up our data base infinitely easier!

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Agreed. A lot of our clients choose HubSpot because of its integration posibilities. But issues like this one make the job really hard for us once we have closed the client.  It´d be greate to see a feature like this coming soon. 



Having *all* properties in one filtrable view as opposed to exporting would also achieve this. Anyone who did some work in HS needs to do cleanups from time to time. Currently this is mostly a Manuel Job.manuel_job_1.png


We have been using Hubspot a while and have lots of fields in the system. Some we can likely now consolidate and others we probably should delete.

I need the following property information from our instance in a csv or spreadsheet with all the fields to see and manage the fields.. in Company, Contacts, and Deal ( I assume this would be 3 sheets).
- Property Label

- Internal Name

- Description

- Group

- Field Type
- # Companies with a value
- # Workflows
- # Lists

I was told by support that there is no way to get the information myself, and support has no way of providing me the information as well.

I have been told my only choices are to navigate to each property sheet, one by one to manually build the report of the fields in my instance I need and complain here.




When I needed a list of all contact properties, this worked for me: 


  1. Build a list of just one contact (for simplicity) and export it to Excel with ALL properties. That will give you an Excel sheet with a large number of columns. 
  2. From there it's easy to use the Excel feature to "transpose" columns into rows. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/transpose-rotate-data-from-rows-to-columns-or-vice-versa-34....
  3. Then you have your list of contact properties. 



This would be extremely helpful with the API. Please make it happen!


We need this too. What's a workaround? type them out? ugh. 


Need it to some integration we need to do. HubSpot provides a way to download each property alone but can't do it to the entire list of properties ??? that is ridiculous 


This is a must-have feature for any marketing automation tool. It is hard to understand why this feature does not exist?

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100% this!


Another +1 for this idea - when I'm building templates for data import i need to know the dropdown values so they import correctly. Copying and pasting the values is incredibly inefficient.


It would be helpful, when preparing data for import, to be able to export a complete list of all the properties in Hubspot, both default and custom.  Right now, I'm preparing a massive import but to match the fields, I need the list.  I also need to share the list of properties with my colleagues, so that they know what data we have.  Ideally, it would

  • export in a .csv or Excel
  • include the breakdown of any multi-checkbox or dropdown properties.  (For example, I have one multicheckbox property with about 90 checkbox options). 
  • include a column organizing the properties by a category (for example, Phone, Address, Professional, Stats, etc.
  • include who created the field (Hubspot or the user)
  • include the definition of the field, either Hubspot's default definition or the user's definition provided when creating the property).

    This should be fairly easy to export,  I believe. The fields already exist. They just need to be put in a report.  

    I have just had to create, manually, a report like this, and it would be nice to be able to just export it in the future. 

    I'm attaching a screenshot of a portion of my list. This took a couple of hours to do. 

    I realize that Hubspot has certain categories (Contact, Web, etc.).  Please note that my categories are different because they are EXPRESSLY FOR batching together similar fields, in order to match my import fields to Hubspot fields.  For example, I have some data now in which there are 20 phone fields! I need to narrow them down. For that, I need to see all my phone fields, and all Hubspot phone fields. Same with emails.  Not the very broad category "Contact Data" which has everything from phone fields to whether someone is deceased. 

    Anyway this would be a huge help. 

    I just saw that I can't attach a screenshot, nor copy-paste an image into this field. So there's another suggestion.