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Export All Properties in CSV.

We just switched over to HubSpot from Salesforce and are trying to do an audit on which properties we have - so we can find duplicates and either merge or delete them. It would be great if we could export all existing Properties in our system with their Name, Description, Type, # Contacts w/ Value, Workflows Used In, Lists Used In, etc. 

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This is crazy that you cannot do this. Need this ASAP

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+1 for this idea! 

Colaborador habitual

How is it possible this isn't available? Seems like a very typical admin requirement.


Bump this up, this would be great

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Bumping as we need this feature as well. We have a contact property that lists our part-time educators. These names change regularly as people join and leave the team. It would be helpful to be able to export a list of who is currently in there and compare it to our HR database. Even the ability to copy and paste into excel would be fine! We can't do that with the way the property labels are listed though. 

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Please add this to the roadmap!!

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Agreed, going through the HS <> Zoho integration process using Automate and looks like it's going to be messy. 

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Please add this option.  We can export so much, why not the properties?

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Double yes! Please implement this, it will make managing and cleaning up our data base infinitely easier!

BernardoV Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

Agreed. A lot of our clients choose HubSpot because of its integration posibilities. But issues like this one make the job really hard for us once we have closed the client.  It´d be greate to see a feature like this coming soon.