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Exponential Backoff for third-party API calls in Hubspot-built integrations

Hey Hubspot team,


For Hubspot's Google Sheets workflow export app (and, I would suspect, many of the other Hubspot-built apps), it looks like Hubspot is not incorporating randomness in their exponential backoff algorithm to reduce collisions.


As a result, if I try to sync a large number of records (let's say 20k) to a Google Sheet via workflow in Hubspot, then our effective throughput over time declines rapidly (as a large number of records which are queued up for processing come up for execution at the exact same time, resulting in deferred execution through exponential backoff).


Hubspot should introduce randomness in the delay period used in their implementation of exponential backoff.  When a large number of executions are deferred (to avoid rate limiting constraints), introducing delay period randomization would result in a huge increase in throughput.


Speaking as a developer myself, it would not shock me if Hubspot has a similar implementation of exponential backoff across many of their first-party developed app integrations, and they likely could improve throughput very broadly by making this simple change.


Thank you!

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And... as long as someone's taking a look at this particular workflow extension app (Google Sheets) -- it'd be great if the update row action didn't error out when a cell's value was set with a null HS object value.  As is, we're having to replace any null values with empty strings, and that feels needlessly cumbersome.  Thanks!