Expanding dependent field functionality on forms

It would be tremendously helpful for us (and I presume others as well!) if you could add dependent fields TO a dependent field. i.e. A visitor answers question 1. Based on their answer, another field populates. Based on THAT answer, an additional field populates. Our users are very diverse and when we're collecting information from them, it would be helpful if there were a better way to sort of tailor our form to them so we can collect answers for all follow up questions in advance, streamlining post-submission tasks. 

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I was looking for this functionality the other day, and this would have saved a huge amount of time and ease of use for clients. The worst part about creating custom functionality to "create" a second level dependency, is that if the customer changes anything eg. values, you have to go back to the custom script and edit it to fix any issues this would cause.


It would make things a lot easier from a usability standpoint if this were included.

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Yes, please!!! I have this need for a second level of dependency as well.  Also, if there was a way to drag and drop the dependent fields to reorder them, that would be awesome!  I've had to make some changes to the order the dependent fields a few times and the only way I could reorder them was to delete them all and re-enter them, which is very time-consuming, especially if it's just one field I have to add.