Expanded view and live editing for richtext fields in custom modules

The default 'Rich text' module in Hubspot allows us to use the 'expanded view' and live editing of content in Hubspot pages. This gives an great overview of all the content and makes it quite easy to make adjustments. 
The 'richtext' field in custom modules is very similar to the default 'Richt text' module, but by using this field in a custom module, we can add extra settings and options to the content like padding, colors, alignment etc. The downside of using this field is that we do not have the option to expand the view and have a really small view where we have to edit our content.
I would love to see the same functionality as the default 'Rich text' module in the 'richtext' field used in custom modules. The same goes for making the content 'smart', but I have a different feature request for that: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Smart-content-and-Blog-content-for-custom-modules/idi...