Expand the 'custom token' functionalty


The custom token function is very useful when initiating workflows. 


Expanding this tool in two ways would be very useful. 


  1. Bring this functionality to normal templates, not just those used as part of a sequence. At the moment it just shows in it's place '[[ MISSING PLACEHOLDER - ACTS ]]'
  2. Allow us to choose to include or delete phrases. 

    to give this point context, when we send out quote emails to customers, in order to better personalise the quotes, we want to include certain phrases depending on the situation. Sometimes, however, it's not relevant to include these phrases or paragraphs. 

    It would be useful to include this functionality in a similar way to custom tokens so that the sender has to choose whether or not to include this text. 
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(Commenting from the Japanese Community)

We've got a same idea post in the Japanese Community with 8 upvotes. (Link)


Feedback from a user:

Pain point- We can edit the default value of tokens but cannot edit 'before' and 'after' texts. 

Ideal solution- If I create a snippet called "greetings", I'll be able to choose from "greetings for contacts whose names are known" or "greetings for contacts whose names are unknown".