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Expand Reports Capabilities: Larger Tables & More Fields

Slicing and dicing data is important: but sometimes your reports are too large for hubspot to handle. 


Coming from a Salesforce environment almost everything in HubSpot is better. Except reports. While the interface is more intuitive, the performance and capabilities are significantly lower and more limiting than in other systems. 


Suggestions for improvement: 

- Allow Tables to be bigger; it makes not sense that there is a limit on how much data the tables can display and they should accomodate all data pulled in. 

- Increase limit for Rows/Columns; Being able to break out data the way you want should be possible in the report, and that requires more than 4 rows/colums sometimes. 

- Add new graph types, like a "Dial" which is availible in salesforce. 

- Add the capabilities to add more goals you set in the graphs, for example the number display should be able to show a number vs set goal. 


These features alone will make the reporting feature exponentionally more powerful and in line with the excellent other parts of your software. Your data analysis can only be as strong as the reports you can pull, now even more so as storytelling is a requirement of data analysis. 


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In my case, we only need an increase in the number of characters in the NOTES of the CALL ACTIVITIES or in the TASKS.

I also see the limitation of the reports when they are sent in a PDF FORMAT.

The VALUE that having a PDF record provides is that it can be used as a historical record or as an audit.