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Expand Hubspot CMS A/B and adaptive testing with custom goals

For marketing emails, the A/B testing options are very extensive. For the Hubspot CMS the options are limited. I can only test on basic metrics (such as time on page and bounce) and 1 predefined goal (Maximize submissions rate). 


I'd love to get the same a/b testing options for the Hubspot CMS as for marketing emails. This means create custom goals and set the winning metric, A/B distribution and test duration. 


Email A/B test optionsEmail A/B test options

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Agreed. I'm setting up an adaptive test now and I don't have any options for the goal - it's only submission rate. The first and best article that pops up when I google is this one below - it's from 2019 and it suggests we should be able to select our preferred goal. Nope. Frustrating!