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When you have hundreds of deals, or better yet thousands, the ability to custom filter is nice but time-consuming.  If you could open up the search beyond the "Deal_Name" I could find deals much quicker.  Much like the Hubspot Sales search bar in the header section of every page, the deal search could reference several fields allowing users to drill down faster.  In the settings section of Hubspot, you could give users the ability to map which fields they want the search function to look for.  This would allow me to map my custom fields to the search query.  I will give you an example of a "use case scenario."

I have a custom field called RFQ Number.  Our business creates quote numbers for every RFQ that comes in, Our quote number does not match our customers RFQ number, as we both use a different ERP.  In fact, our quote number doesn't match RFQ numbers or Purchase Order numbers, both of which are important fields when attempting to search for a specific deal.  If a customer emails me or calls and I have to reference a deal, it would be nice to use the search bar and enter their RFQ or PO number.

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This needs to be implemented ASAP, only being able to seach by the deal name is causing me huge mental discomfort.


Could not agree more and I am faced with the same issue.