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Exit intent on mobile

Hubspot exit intent technology works great on Desktop.

Doesn't work at all on mobile. In fact you know it doesn't work because when anyone creates an exit intent popup, you automatically check the box "dont show on mobile". And if some brave soul does uncheck that box, (s)he discovers that on mobile, the popup shows after delay, not on exit intent.

This is very 2014 thinking about exit intent.

Here's a simple exit intent usecase:

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Exit Intent | Wisepops

Signal 1: Back Button Pressing
As a mobile user, one of the ways to leave a website is to press “back” until you get back to the previous website you were visiting (Google, for example).

Using javascript, you can trigger a pop-up when the user is pressing “Back” to leave the website. With the right script, you can set the popup to display only when pressing on “Back” will make the user leave your website (versus triggering it every time the user presses “Back”).

Signal 2: Scroll Up

On most phones — and iPhones and Android phones are no exception — the URL bar disappears when you scroll down. To type in a new URL to leave the page you’re on, you have to scroll up a little. That’s another signal we can use.

The key here is to find the right amount of scroll up. If it’s too sensitive, it will trigger as soon as the user scrolls up a little. On the other hand, if it’s not sensitive enough, your popup will never appear.

How do mobile exit popups really work? - YouTube

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Couldn't be said better


Surprised to learn the feature is still not available on Hubspot 

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Upvoted. HubSpot explains the technology in their exit intent blog but I could not see the exit intent banner on smartphones using the CTAs (beta), small screen sizes was enabled. Chat support also couldn't find anything about it in their internal documentation.

The triggers that popup tools use to gauge exit intent on mobile vary. If a user is viewing your site from a mobile device, a popup could trigger when they:
• Press the back button
• Scroll a percentage of a page
• Scroll up instead of down
• Switch between tabs in a browser
• Stay on a page for a set amount of time
• Leave a page idle
• Trigger a JavaScript element