Existing Companies to new contact association


I would like a setting where new contacts can be associated with existing companies.  The toggle where Hubspot creates a company needs to be turned off for our company as it is usually incorrect.



Hubspot doesn't create new companies but if there is a matching existing company for a contact being created, it will associate.

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Thank you JamieB for bringing this up...

I definitely support that. Behavior should be similar to the field 'associated company' and 'associated contact' when creating a new deal. It's especially annoying as we have the contact property 'company name' as a field to be filled out when creating a new contact, but this is not connected to the company object. So basically, the user has 


a) create a contact

b) create a company

c) open the contact or / company detail view

d) connect the contact to the respective company

which is not very user-friendly? Are there any known workaround for that (apart from the HS toggle that connects based on company domain)? 

thx Oliver