Exclude weekend due dates when creating Tasks in Workflows

Wouldn't it be great to have an option to have tasks created from a workflow, "skip" weekends when assigning due date? I have my tasks setup to be due 1 day from creation at 5PM. Our response goal is 1 business day. So if I could get these tasks to not count weekends as days, that would be Nirvana. Kind of like how you can choose to have emails not send on weekends.


Does anyone know if that feature is available with the service hub? ... that might give me more amo to lobby for an "upgrade" 😉 LOL


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Yes. This is a really good idea, as this has really limited some of my important (and rather basic) workflows.


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Super needed here!

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We have a similar need. Sales needs to follow up with customers within 1 day of a submitted ticket (read quote). Right now any tickets created on a Friday at are due Saturday. Ideally this would be Monday.

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This isn't the best solution, but a partial work around would be to have your workflow only execute at particular times. This isn't ideal of course, as it basically just delays the task creation until monday, but might help to curb some of assigning


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