Exclude tracking of emails between colleague


I would like to turn off tracking of emails sent between colleagues. 

An example is colleague X who is both manager of the company and a sales person. So I want to track emails he send to customers but not sensitive emails he might send to his employees. 


I know you can turn off tracking for a whole user in their user account but then I wouldn't get tracking of the customer emails.

And I know you can turn off tracking of a specific email in your email interface, but that is sooo easy to forget.


In a dream world I would like to set a rule where if I send en email from me@xdomain.com to mycolleague@xdomain.com (ie same email domain) those emails would be excluded from tracking. 


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I often have to CC colleagues in emails to customers, because they're involved in the deal on different levels. When they open the email, it counts as an open, messing up the metrics! Tracking for these email becomes useless like that.

I'd like to exclude our company domain from tracking, to know how active customers are looking into my mails.