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Exclude pages

I would like to exclude the Messages box on the page because alot of our customers go there for support on our services. However I can't exclude one page and adding all other pages except the contact page is way too much work. 

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Agree! I'd like to be able to configure it to all pages except ones with blog in the URL for example - so options for 'contains' would be good

Salarié HubSpot
Salarié HubSpot

 Yes please! this would be great!

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Love the idea!

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I also would like this feature

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Yep, a very much needed feature. When you have a site with lots of content and certain pages where the chat is causing issues with UX, not having the ability to exclude certain URL's practically makes the whole messages feature useless.

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Absolutely would like to see this feature implemented. Although the idea of the chat widget and its integration with the CRM is awesome, this missing feature leaves it feeling a bit half-baked. 



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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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You can now add pages to a "Don't display on" in a message's targeting settings.