Exclude internal emails on email analytics page results

I'm looking at our email overview results, https://app.hubspot.com/email/1821116/analyze/overview/emails,  and I see that when set on all email types it also includes internal emails. I was hoping to be able to get an average open and ctr rate for all the MARKETING emails we send in a custom date range and those internal emails are throwing off the results. My idea is to exclude internal emails from these results.

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This is SO frustrating! It's been 10 months since I first commented on this thread and the situation is just as irritating if not more. I'm now having to send TWO versions of every email, simply to keep from having internal activity distort results.

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This is a needed feature. We share our emails internally for our team to see what is going to customers and when. Our analytics would be better if we can leave out a list OR even an email domain. It'd also be great to use this for seeing analytics for specific lists or domains within a larger set of data.