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Exclude internal emails on email analytics page results

I'm looking at our email overview results,,  and I see that when set on all email types it also includes internal emails. I was hoping to be able to get an average open and ctr rate for all the MARKETING emails we send in a custom date range and those internal emails are throwing off the results. My idea is to exclude internal emails from these results.

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May 27, 2020 08:00 AM

Hi @nmacdonald ,


Thank you for the message and idea. We are looking at this on our side, however as i do not have a date for this yet so i am going to leve this as in planning and update once i have a more concrete idea of timing.


All the best,



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+1 on this idea. As a workaround for now, we're sending the campaign out to customers and then cloning it and sending to internal people. It's an extra step, but saves the time spent manually crunching numbers and allows internal people to still get emails.


+1 on this, would be very helpful


I'd love to be a part of the beta of this! My sales team has been bothered about this for years.


Yep this would be great, and seems fairly obvious - lots of companies have their staff on their EDMs, and it skews results. Can't be that hard to add a feature to filter them out. 


We also use HubSpot for both internal and external emails and would like the ability to split these out in reporting so we have meaningful stats.


Hope that we see this soon. It would be very helpful.

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Hi all, it may not be a solution to this problem, but have anyone tried to delete those internal emails? If so, did they also get deleted from the stats? I would be willing to do so to keep the stats clean... 


Another +1 on this. Frustrating it is taking so long...


This needs to be something we can set up for our supervisors, so when they go to look at how an email performed they aren't seeing the same few employees at the top of every single performance report.