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Exclude internal emails on email analytics page results

I'm looking at our email overview results,,  and I see that when set on all email types it also includes internal emails. I was hoping to be able to get an average open and ctr rate for all the MARKETING emails we send in a custom date range and those internal emails are throwing off the results. My idea is to exclude internal emails from these results.

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Agreed - we use internal emails as part of workflows that we would also like to filter out. It would also be nice if the 'list type' were available as a sorting feature and/or filter -  you are receiving this email because... - would allow us to further refine results based on criteria already established across all contacts.

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We also use the internal emails a lot in workflows and it is really messing up our stats. I've tried every possible way of figuring out a work around for this but it's just not possible.  This really should be filterable and in my opinion internal emails should be labeled as just that. An additional email type (that won't appear on your preferences page) should be created for these emails. 



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This NEEDS to happen to create accurate analytics for our team. If they just allow you to remove or not add certain emails into your overall open rate, click rate, etc. 


Right now I'm having to manually enter the numbers to get an accurate percentage. 

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 Agreed. I need a way to remove internal emails from email analysis.  If anyone has a workaround, I'd love to hear it!

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Please! I have sales directors who are insisting that they be included in the send and even though I explain the situation, they are not backing down. We expect to grow our email marketing program exponentially and I'm dreading what manually editing reports will mean in the future.

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I agree with this. Our analytics would be much more accurate if we could filter out our employee's because they regularly open and click through in our weekly email, which doesn't tell us how our external emails are doing overall. Staying tuned to see what happens with this!

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I agree with all of these posts. With the different email types (Blog, Marketing Subscription, Transactional, etc.) should be "Internal" that does not track against email opens/sends. We send internal emails to Sales and SDRs with a link to the contact in Salesforce and Hubspot. These emails tend to have near 100% open and CTR, throwing off our overall metrics and falsely inflating the internal metrics that some people use for email marketing health. 

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Internal or system emails skew the results when looking at marketing performance.


It would be good to be able to tag emails in several ways which can then be filtered in reporting:

  • Type of Email - System / Internal / Marketing / Nurture
  • Location - Split by country and / or regions
  • Topic - Product / Solution
  • Style of Email - Single CTA / Plain-text / Newsletter / Event

This would also be useful to be able to search for these types of filters. The location one would be useful for global teams who send country and region level emails.

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Agreed. filtering out internal emails would be really useful. 

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A selection toggle when creating an email for (External) versus (Internal) would work great for reporting or displaying on dashboards. Seems like an easy fix. 

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This is SO frustrating! It's been 10 months since I first commented on this thread and the situation is just as irritating if not more. I'm now having to send TWO versions of every email, simply to keep from having internal activity distort results.

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This is a needed feature. We share our emails internally for our team to see what is going to customers and when. Our analytics would be better if we can leave out a list OR even an email domain. It'd also be great to use this for seeing analytics for specific lists or domains within a larger set of data.