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Exclude internal contacts from marketing email analytics and form submissions reports

Hi there!


At the moment, there isn't any option to exclude employee activity from counting towards forms analytics, marketing email analytics or campaign analytics.


For the general web analytics this can be done by excluding IP addresses, however not for other tools in HubSpot.


Why is this important?

  • There needs to be a way to test conversion paths (click marketing email, submit form on page) without skewing the conversion rates before even launching a campaign. (Deleting contacts after testing doesn't do the trick, they still remain part of the email and form analytics.)
  • Especially in larger companies with a lot of employees testing assets, this makes forms and email analytics unreliable.


Thank you for looking into this.

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Definitely would love this. Great idea @karstenkoehler !


Great Idea @karstenkoehler this would benefit activity we are currently undertaking especially with traditional hierachical structures where sign off can have many internal touchpoints. 


I just needed this feature the other day! Great idea. 


This will be so useful for us too. For one of our campaigns we can see 2 form submissions - there our details i.e. but thats just us testing...and those form submisson aren't real. There isn't any way to exclude them and hence the report is unreliable and screws the figures up.. What's the best practice to avoid this situation?


This is indeed long overdue. I remember having a conversation with the Support team 2 years ago for this feature. Technically, you can create dummies for assets you need to push online and ask your team to test it. And then clone them so you start fresh. But, I'm just one paranoid person that something could go wrong in the cloning and re-pushing live process. So this feature would definitely help a lot.


At the moment, I just accept the analytics as is and have in mind ± 10 views or 2 submissions on my metrics reporting.


This would save a lot of unnecessary conversations surrounding campaign performance in the stakeholder meetings. Looking forward to an updated feature for this as soon as possible! Hopefully, it is high up on the list for near-future release updates.

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I don't even understand that this options is still not available. Hope it will be there soon!


It'd be great to see this feature implemented ASAP...


This should have been implemented a long time ago,  we can't really use the conversion rates that HS calculates which means that the feature is basically useless Every time in my company will have to note down how many internal tests we have done and then exctract that from the final number and calculate the CR manual. What a mess! 


Our company is fully remote and we are dying for this solution!

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This is definitely something we need. Any time an employee tests a form submission or email, it is mixing with the data from our traffic and skews the results without being able to exclude employee metrics. 

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I would love to see this implemented. When we do internal testing, those results need to be excluded from the results. Or when we send it to our clients to test, we do not want ours and their testing to be included in the reporting.


This would be a fantastic feature to have. Any update on if this will come to fruition? Has anyone found any work arounds for this?


We also would love this feature. We do a lot of testing of forms, systems and workflows and that data really should not be included in general analytics and reporting. 

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I would also love this for the general web analytics as there are some cases in which you do not want to exclude a whole group by IP addresses or do not know their IP addresses. But there are cases in the general web analytics in which you want to exclude a certain group of people. Maybe by choosing a list of people who should be excluded for a one-time analysis.


Agree that this would be very helpful as we have many staff who complete our forms "just to see" what the follow-up content is using their organizational email. It would be great to be able to exclude them from analytics.  

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+1 let's do this!

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+1 Please implement this important feature.


Extremely critical to our business. Form analytics are rendered useless at this point unless we can filter out certain contacts.