Exclude Property "State" as required information in email footer settings

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since HubSpot is an American company, I can see how it is important to know which state a company sending emails has their locations. 

However, in eg. Germany and Switzerland it is not customary and I'd say rather odd to have to include the "state" in any communication. Here, we commonly use the postal / zip code in combination with the city to "track" where someone is based. A common German address looks like this:

Company Name

Street Address

Zip Code  City

Country (if needed for international correspondence)


Is there any way to make the field "state" in the email footer settings optional for countries outside the US - or something like that?


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Completely agree with this.


We are in London and when writing an address in London you wouldn't include a Town and a State (County in UK English). We are having to alter our postal address just to meet this requirement of having a State and a Town.

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I'm in agreement as well. We have office locations across the globe and STATE is a very US-centric field. HubSpot should have coding that based on country or at minimum region determines what postal fields are required.  This is a simple fix but has significant impact when engaging with prospects and clients across the globe. 

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Making the state optional would be of great help for those of us who don't have this structure in the countries we operate in. 

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Agreed, development needs to focus on a global user base.  


For those who want to bypass entering in a State name, you can enter in the ascii code for a blank space which is  


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I absolutely agree. Are there any news on this?

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Same problem for us here in The Netherlands. It's just uncommon to use the "state" or as we call them "provincies". I mainly have problem with this being a required field in the e-mail footer of the follow-up mails.

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Any news on this? It's strange how a global company like Hubspot hasn't thought this through.

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Hi, is there any update on this, yet?


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Absolutely agree : to make the footer readable in France we have to input The ZIpCode in the field City the City in the field State to have the right order. But, you have now a coma between Zip Code and City. 


The footer has to be fully personnalized like it is in raw text version.




2y later... i'm still stateless but i have to invent one and see two times my Town...hello hubspot??? anyone?