Exclude Internal Emails from Email Metrics

I love the email "Analyze" tool, but it always includes our internal email automation (lead alerts, reminders, etc.). Because these emails tend to have significantly higher click and open rates than our external email automation, the email Analyze tool shows us email metrics with skewed results.


If you would let us exclude all internal emails from this tool, it would be very helpful. Or at the very least, adjust the campaign dropdown to be a multiselect picklist - allowing users to group all of their internal emails into internal campaigns, and ultimately de-select these campaigns when using the Analyze tool.

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Yes! I am in need of this feature as well. My company is all over the world so sending test emails gets very tedious and it is much easier to make a list in HubSpot adn attach that list to every email we send rather than write out by hand the emails and send a test. Please make this happen!

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I agree this would be very helpful. With each email campaign launched a handful of internal people are included. When we view email analytics, our reach, opens, clicks, etc are slightly skewed by Internal engagement. Therefore, instead of moving with pace and efficiency, I spend time recalculating true results. Alternative is to send a 2nd email for each email that includes only internal, while sending the other to only external. Both steps require additional time and steps. Would love to be able to have feature/filter to exclude individual contacts from email analytics on a case by case basis.

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Our company is having the same issue. Our email analytics look good, until we notice who is actually opening and clicking on them: our own employees! We are not getting true numbers to see how effective our emails are since we use seed lists to inform others within our organization about current running promotions. We could really use this functionality to keep from having to double up our work of cloning and re-sending the same email and cluttering up our sent email list.