Exchange/Outlook integration for contacts and calendar


Sales people use Outlook, period. And because that's what they use, that's where the information should be at. Best way to achieve this would be via Exchange integration so that people would have access to the same information even on their mobile and wouldn't just be dependent on a single plugin.

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Apr 29, 2020

Hi folks,


I’d like to clear up some confusion about the Microsoft Exchange beta.


The Meetings Exchange beta is closed, so no new portals will be enrolled. We noticed a few problems with the feature, so we'd like to improve it to provide the best customer experience possible.


The Exchange Server beta, which connects your Microsoft Exchange inbox to your portal, is open. More information can be found here:


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Nov 26, 2019

Hi @Bryantworks 


We do have a closed beta right now specifically to allow exchange users to use Meetings. You can reach out to your customer success rep who can sign you up for the beta. This beta allows anyone with Exchange to use the Meetings app, which creates a booking page allowing contacts to book meetings directly on your calendar.


I decided not to update the status of this thread because this beta is only adding an integration for the Meetings app. 




May 14, 2019

Thanks everyone for the interest in this! I'm sorry for not providing more details on the larger scope related to   Some areas of this work have been completed and some are still in progress, I'll try and break this down based on the different ways HubSpot needs to connect with exchange:


Inbox connection:

Provide the abilty to connect your Exchange inbox with HubSpot. This allows you to use our CRM for emailing and use the Sequences tool in sales. Today, the only way to connect an Exchange inbox is through IMAP - which is an experience that we are improving to make it easier for Exchange users to connect their email. This is currently in a closed beta.


Meetings sync:

This would allow users to use the HubSpot Meetings scheduling tool with an Exchange email address. This is currently in a closed beta testing group.

Calendar sync:

This would allow Exchange users to schedule meetings through calendar invite directly through the CRM. This would also create meetings events on a contact timeline when they are added to your Exchange calendar. This work would add Exchange to the users that can use this sync:


I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if there are other questions or features related to syncing with Outlook. We may break each of these features into separate Ideas to help with tracking and understanding.

Apr 8, 2019

re: @Joshua_McQueen 

That's right that the Office 365 Outlook calendar bi-direcitonal sync is live! However this does not include those on an Office Exchange server.

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Apr 3, 2017

We are currently working on a calendar and contact sync for Exchange/Outlook, please feel free to comment and share ideas and examples.

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Any update on the Meetings Exchange integration?

Many people still really want this.


I agree 


Is there any Release Plan to give us a perspective on how and when this integration is going to work? This topic should be absolutely prioritized as far as we concern. This is a STANDARD for CRM Systems. Thank you for your reply. 


Synz calender with outllook for meetings and task is a very much needed function! What's the status on exchange server beta function for this!!?? We uses the exchange for e-mail and it works ok.