Exchange/Outlook integration for contacts and calendar

Sales people use Outlook, period. And because that's what they use, that's where the information should be at. Best way to achieve this would be via Exchange integration so that people would have access to the same information even on their mobile and wouldn't just be dependent on a single plugin.

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@AndyPitre is the exchange connect for the calender function ready yet? We still use exchange and would love to connect the agenda's for the meeting part. I can only find the one for office and google. 





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Hi ! 


Do you have some news about this feature ? 

I would be awesome to have it. 


Thanks !


This is basic functionality for professionals, and 12 months is more than enough time for Hubspot to have gone from "planning the functionality" to actually delivering something.  Hubspot must be able to stay synchronized with Exchange/Office365.  Today it is impeding uptake in my company,  because our folks need to add the record in Outlook, then rekey into Hubspot.  Then, they get out of synch.






Bi-directional synch is a must have for this to actually be a productivity enhancer for our firm.  While it is great that 3rd parties  have stepped  in, we should not have to buy, configure and maintain additional tools for this.

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Seems strange that it would take a year of planning.


Id really like to look at O365, but this is a no-go until there is integration.


Would like to see at least  an update on a potential timeline. Or has it been pushed way back

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@AndyPitre is there a status update on the exchange plugin for meetings and agenda's?

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Would like an update as well. We see there has been a workaround made to get EMAIL integration working for non-Office 365 accounts, but there is no CALENDAR work around for non-Office 365 accounts. 

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@AndyPitre really curious to hear an update on this. We really need meetings created/updated in Office 365 to be created/updated on relevant deals and contacts in HubSpot as engagements with the type "meeting". 

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Any news? Deafening silence....

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Will this also solve this idea


Where the "Schedule" activity on the contact record will add to Outlook/Office 365 calendar?

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What is the status of the Exchange Integration?


I am currently using calendly as a bandaid, but want to use and promote a total HubSpot Solution as a user and as a partner