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Exchange/Outlook integration for contacts and calendar

Sales people use Outlook, period. And because that's what they use, that's where the information should be at. Best way to achieve this would be via Exchange integration so that people would have access to the same information even on their mobile and wouldn't just be dependent on a single plugin.

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Équipe de développement de HubSpot
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We are currently working on a calendar and contact sync for Exchange/Outlook, please feel free to comment and share ideas and examples.

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"We are currently working on a calendar and contact sync for Exchange/Outlook, please feel free to comment and share ideas and examples."




I was VERY excited to finally get my IT team to purchase Office 365 until I found out we still have Exchange and we cannot use the last three tools in the Sales Pro suite.


Is there a timeline on this integration?


Eagerly waiting,


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We would like to purchase 80 sales pro seats for our sales team until we found it doesn't support Exchange server.


Quite disappointed.

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Our organisation are also running Exchange hosted platform, and currently with around 20 paid users not able to take all benefit from HubSpot CRM (Sequence, Calendar, Tasks, Meetings) function/integration as it requires Gmail or Outlook 365. I agree and support this program and if there is beta/sign up available, let me know and happy to test this.
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 For our customers, lists integration into Outlook would be the killer feature, at least two organisations would jump in directly, rather than buying other customized platform.

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We tried a workaround by enabling IMAP connection from our Exchange server, but unfortunately, HubSpot IMAP assumes that all platforms use the email address as the username in authentication purposes which is wrong as Exchange IMAP requires a format of "DOMAIN\username" as username instead of email address.


@AndyPitre, do you know when we can get exchange - hubspot working in order? otherwise, can a quick fix be implemented for IMAP to support Domain\username as the alternate username for Exchange based organisations?

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@whoseyourdaddy - Have you seen under Advanced Options in the IMAP connector that they added the username field?

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@BeccaArmistead, thanks yes glad to see they have added improvement there and yes i can confirm this time IMAP can connect to my account in hosted Exchange server.


However, I just did some testings but the email sync doesnt seems to be working?  Here to share some testings and i copy @ssumanth (i hope this is you Sistla) so you are aware on this case as well. :


Test 1:  send email from outlook to a contact.

Expected result: Email logged in contact timeline without the need to use outlook addins.

Actual Result: No email showing in timeline.


Test2: Retry Test 1, change primary SMTP match HubSpot login username email (as this is usually the problem for outlook addins).

Expected Result: same as Test 1.

Actual Result: not working, same as Test 1.


Test 3: From contact page in HubSpot, use HubSpot Email tab, send email to contact.

Expected result: Timeline email added. The very same email also show up in Outlook under sent item.

Actual Result: Timeline email added, however email is not in sync/not showing in outlook sent item.


Test 4: Contact email me directly.

Expected result: Email from contact arrive in my outlook inbox and show up in contact timeline.

Actual result: Email arrived in my outlook inbox but missing in contact timeline.