HubSpot Ideas


Everything that needs to be fixed in Quotes

This is for HubSpot, please upvote this and let's ge tthis fixed up!

  1. Add T&Cs to the over-all HubSpot settings so we can set defult terms
  2. Add tabs on the Quote page so when an attached deal is changed to 'Lost' the quote is archived, when deal is chaged to 'On Hold' the quote status is changed also
  3. Have history log in Deal acitivity of changes to Quotes so you can refer to previous variations of the quote
  4. Create reporting to assess how often and by how much a varriation has been done on Quotes
  5. Allow pepole to still view the Quote after expiry and just mark it with a badge saying 'Expired' - the current landing page is horrible

Think I've covered it all. Please comment and add more. let's get HubSpot to pay atention!