Entry fields auto-saving after being altered

I was inputting information into an entry field in a prospect's contact page while I was on a call with them. I then clicked off the entry field to the "un-collapse" icon to another area on the same page, still in the same contact, to alter another entry field. I did not click the "save" function before doing so and saw that when I went back to the initial entry field, all my previous input data had been lost. This was pretty frustrating.


I get that I should have clicked "save" and it would've kept all my previously entered data, but it seems like it would be pretty bad product design to allow for data to be erased while a user is literally still on the same contact page and simply clicked on a different field.


I think that if I'm using the product, failing to click "save" at the right time should not cause me to lose all of the previously input data. Not to mention the fact that it shouldn't be seemingly so easy for this to happen (even that I'm now aware of this issue, I'm nearly certain that this will happen again considering how easily it happened the first two times). An update should either capture the input data via an auto-save function or it should not allow for the user to navigate to area on the page that would cause the data to be erased without some kind of forced-action prompt pop-up. This isn't MS Word for Windows 3.1. Users shouldn't have to remind themselves to manually save something every 2 mins or risk losing all their previously input data by simply clicking somewhere else on a contact page.


I'm happy to demonstrate this to a product person if necessary. This should be fixed immediatly.