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As an administrator for HubSpot for our sales organization, I'm finding that it would be a much better experience for onboarding, user adoption and ensuring accurate reporting if the sales team could sign into our account and not have to individually connect anything, individually set their notification settings, etc. We are struggling to get all of our users set up the same way and have no way to ensure mandatory settings remain set.  


We have an ERM synced with HubSpot that operates this way, where we set up the user and they log in and have access and settings applied based on their role. 


While I understand HubSpot needs to be connected to individual user email and calendar accounts to log and track emails and meetings, it would be easier for customers to onboard and manage the account if there were an O365 (for example) login that could handle the connections in a more automated fashion instead of having the individual users perform these critical actions.

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Great idea!! This forces continuity across functional roles. Additionally, not all users are "eager" to set up their accounts or have the aptitude.